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zimmerman trayvon martin story, and we are talking to the best friends of george zimmerman. and when i say best friend, i'm not talking about a weekend buddy. mark oft man is -- ofterman, was a mentor to george zimmerman. he picked out the gun that was used to kill trayvon martin. this is where the zimmermans went to hide for 30 days, when they feared for their lives, and had conversations about what took place. we are going to deliver information tomorrow that people have not heard. >> and you also will be talking to trayvon martin's stepmother, alicia? >> she is there and she confronts these people in some of the accusations they make about her stepson trayvon. then friday i sit down with trayvon's mother, father and older brother. it is one of the most difficult interviews i have ever done. i'm sitting there as a parent thinking but for the grace of god go i. so tuesday we hear the george zimmerman side of this story and friday we talked to the parents of trayvon martin to find out what their reaction is to what he said, and what they are going through right now, as they try to put thei
used to kill him was that of george zimmerman. zimmerman is claiming self-defense. he says martin had been on top of him, slamming his head into the ground and said he only shot after martin reach forward a gun in a holster on zimmerman's waist. tests were inconclusive as to whether martin's dna was on that holster. >> this under cover police are underway for a man that may have groped three women. and there is sketches of the people wanted in two previous incidents and police are frayed this guy may be getting more aggressive because he grabbed a victim, trying to pull her to the ground. she was able to run away. a sheriff patrol car crashed into this big rig persuing a driver for a traffic violation this morning. and there is a police arrested two people in the car and they did recover the gun and there is no one injured. >> copper thiefs have gone to new heights. police now investigating after someone stole $9,000 worth of copper from all of the air conditioners atop a building on doolittle drive this, may have happened weeks ago and there are police asking anyone with information
/11. an emotional day for everybody in new york city and d.c. zimmerman in some trouble but zim gets jason base swinging. six strike outs in the game for zimmerman. tied at one. more trouble for zim. knocks it right passed ia ian desmond. daniel murphy comes in to squoer. zimmerman goes fives innings and gives up two runs. top seventh, a front-row seat for this. tyler moore, another talented rookie with a two-run shot to left. the nationals take a 3-2 lead. in the nooirinth, it's the clos. tyler clipper coming in to seem the deal. and that's exactly what he does. save number 31 on the season. the nationals winl again, 5-3. their 88th win of the year. os hosting the rays and what a night at camden yards. that's a weather picture right there, camera. not so pretty for the rays. jj harding gets ahold 06 one. top four and some bad news. jason hamel lands a bad one. here's the thing, he had surgery on that knee july 15th. the orioles go onto win 9-1. but they can ill-afford another injury. and, finally, one of the most fantastic pieces of audio i have heard in a while. dallas radio show host shawn s
of them. that's some good news, too. >> we've got sports next. the zimmermans on a roll. >> also, the good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >>> step by step. >> post-season baseball, nationals getting closer to clinching their division. their magic number down to five as they start a three-game set in philadelphia tomorrow. the guys also need to win seven of their final nine games to reach that magical 100 win plateau. seems like yesterday, we were talking about a hundred losses. a couple of offensive explosions like today will help. george was the big inner. game action, tied at one. this is jordan zimmerman. zim actually a pitcher and a designated hitter in college. he's used to getting some good wood on the ball. nats up 2-1. later in the inning, now up 4-1
tests show hat george zimmerman's was the only d-n-a that could be identified on the grip and the holster of the gun used to fatally shoot 17- year- old trayvon martin.the results rule out martin's d-n-a from being on the gun's grip. zimmerman is charged with secondd degree murder for fftally shooting martin during a confrontation, but claims t marttn was on too him when he grabbed zimmerman's gun from his holster. tensions are high in new york... after security threats force the grounding f 2 jets at j-f-k airport.for several minutes... pilots are heard demanding answers from the control tower... about what was going on.listen in... "we're surrounded by emergency vehicles there's a reason for this. somebody's got to give us the reason or we're gging to evacuate the aircraft. you've got 60 seconds." t-s-a officials say an anonymous caller said there wassa security threat on board the 2 jets coming into new york. after a 90 minute check of the planes... the threat drivers... in... washington d-c..../ cameras... are... watching you... on the road.../ and...
speech... and the reason they're raising safety concerns. georgg zimmermans's brother the familyyof trayvon martinn. 3&and a bizarre crash stumps police..... ow this truck landeddonntop of another car. controversy in new a new subway ad is olled out -- calling islamic jihadists "savages.. as julie banderas tells us, commuters are now in a debate over the first amendment and their own s. safety. 33 &pnew yorkerr are seeing something -- and saying sooethinn -- as a subway advertisement has some commuters stopping in their tracks.himes says: "i think just sensitivities around the subways, considering that was by other terror groups in thee past here in the city, ii's probably a bad idea."just in &ptime for the united nations general assembly... straphangers seeinggthese pro- israel ads in ten subway stations.richardson says: "it's going to spark controversy obviously when you deem one side savages and thee other side civiliied."the adss were initially rejected.but the council of islamic-american relations sued and won the right to a district ccurt judge.geller not say
forward. >>> stand your ground, could an shaky foundation for george zimmerman. and then getting lost in the crowd could soon become much heard. sunny hostin is on the case. zimmerman is charged with smoothing asmooth ing shooting and killing trayvon martin. zimmerman is using the stand your ground law as the defense. say he was well within his right to use force against the teen. the new judge rejected a stand your ground against when it was used in another case earlier this year about that so if. so if i'm the defense team, how am i feeling about the new judge? >> better than in front of judge lester because the bolt line is the most important person in the courtroom for the is an your ground hearing is the judge because those hearings are only before the judge unlike a criminal trial. so judge lester felt that george and his wife had per injured themselves. certainly that is not the judge that this defense team wanted at the stand your ground kram in front of. the new judge has only heard one previous case and she did reject the stand your ground claim, but i think they're on much
. the nationals beat the dodgers the playoffs is e in 79 years. yes! >> this is huge. ryan zimmerman has been a leader past sevenm for the years. the start tonight. deep left center. he is put down. trying to score from first. he can fly. harper scores. 1-0. you just have the feeling at point, this was magic. the season continues. nationals win 4-1. it has been since 1933. the bigger prize is yet to come. been to a lot. we have been through a lot of not good times. this will be the beginning of a good times. the first out. a long way to go. celebrate.hing to are very proud. >> ryan zimmerman. the redskins are favored by 3 the bengals. injuries keep taking a toll on the club. rg3 says other guys have to step in and step up. >> you cannot replace character. those are two staples of the defense. i would think it would be a disservice to them to score more points there -- to say we need to score more points. we know our offense's job is to move the ball. >> rg3. tiger woods is at the top of the boards. very accurate this afternoon. 66. so much for intimidation. mcelroy did struggle with consisten
hits and two walks. ryan zimmerman, it was his show. five rbi's and a home run. zimmerman had a hit at the plate. a three-game series for tomorrow. team.t is a good to split a four game series with them, how they came in here, the way they were playing, and lose the first game we didn't play so yesterday, to win two out of four was good for us. >> today, the redskins marked -- just frustration. defense has surrendered 101 points in just three weeks. near a top 10 unit in the league. gave up 800 yards in the two weeks. pretty bad. the bengals ran note -- oliver them. anywhere -- all over them. if there is anywhere to go, it is up. at ourselvesok critically. to head take a look in say, what can i do better? not just players. coaches, as well. >> we saw josh morgan crack in louis. yesterday, turn the final seconds of the game, the wasnsive coordinator for on sports and like -- for unsportsmanlike behavior. the raft down, yelling obscenities. >> i was wrong with my words to the official. guys can evaluate and your opinions. was very upset at that time, well. >> a lot of controversy with
. it has been a long time. this is huge. ryan zimmerman has been the leader of the team seven years. he was the star again last night. bryce harper puts it down. harper scores. 1-0, nationals. the fans could feel it. here comes zimmerman. the nationals be los angeles, 401. john barndt board. this is special. it was 1933 the last time. >> we have been through a lot of not good times and these are the goodning of a lot of hopefully. we have a long ways to go, but we are very proud. >> playoff tickets go on sale today. there's a look at sports. tgif, everybody. >> the celebration included fireworks last night at park and plenty of cheering fans. >> tuan pham was in tears. >> i waited 34 years for this. of the fans were in tears. >> it's unbelievable. >> its great. >> continue to follow the as they prepare to postseason.he pros president obama will arrive woodbrige in about seven hours. was after a campaign in another swing state, florida. the president will talk about economy and his plan to help middle-class families. first lady michelle obama will campaign in baltimore today joe biden vi
has just confirmed evidence released in the george zimmerman case shows that there was no dna from trayvon martin on the gun grip. so no dna from trayvon martin on the gun grip that zimmerman had that was used to take the life of trayvon martin. i know that you've been very active and out front on this story so while i have you here i want your take on this legal evidence coming forward that there is no evidence from trayvon martin. so the story of zimmerman saying that trayvon martin made attempts toward his gun, they're also saying there is not conclusive dna on the gun's holster from trayvon martin at all either. it's just zimmerman. >> yeah. thomas, this is huge. this is huge evidence that shows that george zimmerman really was engaged in an effort to track down and kill trayvon martin. and it is unfortunate that this has happened. i feel for the martin family. but i believe that we are on the road to justice in this case as more evidence comes out. we keep seeing that george zimmerman is not telling the truth about what happened on that day. and so i believe that justice is go
holmes. >>> new details in the trial of george zimmerman. tests show trayvon martin's dna was not on the gun used to kill him. zimmerman's defense team is arguing that while martin did not actually grab the gun, he attempted to grab it. zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder for killing martin back in february. >>> one of the actresses in the anti-islam film that sparked riots around the world is suing the film maker. cindy lee garcia is accusing the film maker of fraud, saying she thought the film was about and gent egyptians. she also is suing youtube for releasing excerpts. three actresses have made similar claims. the film maker lives in l.a. and has gone into hiding. >>> monica lewinsky is planning a tell-all book. "the new york post" reports she is shopping a book and talking with publishing companies. her representative did not deny the reports, saying simply no comment. this would be her second book. she worked with another author on her biography which was released in 1999. >>> congress says it's no longer helping foot the bill for presidential conventions
of these republican drone, poor white guys. i got a gun, like you said. i stood my ground, like george zimmerman in florida. i drank the kool-aid. and this did not work out right. instead of being delivered up to a good job and a secure future, i have nothing now. my wife is over there losing sleep, and i am smoking. i drank the kool-aid. i am so befuddled by people who would vote against them. -- him. and in your book, a great book, by the way, you learn a lot. so when i get that idea, something on the radio, something i have heard or read, if i am lucky, i can crank it into a song that lasts four minutes. i then have to render it down into some kind of song language, because it is not a book of speeches. tavis: i have been telling people, "ry cooder listens to my radio show." when i first heard that, i was blown away that you listen to the show, and then an inspirational songs on this project -- obviously, there is no risk, or, at least, if there is a risk, you do not care about it, in being as outspoken as you are. being as truthful as you are, because that is a rare commodity these days, but
for their fourth win in a row. brian zimmerman at the plate. the nats down 8-7. two on for zimmerman. he knocks this one down. werth comes in to tie the game. molina throws -- don't forget about the kid, busting in. he slides in safely, that gives the nats a 9-8 lead. same score, bottom 7, danny espinosa facing edward mohica who smacks one to center. espinosa, that big time hit, big time web gem for the cards. tied at nine, good matchup. the world series mvp wins the battle, singles to left, allen craig scores and that proves to be the game winning run. cards down the nats 10-9. steven strasbourg on the hill tomorrow afternoon. >>> the yankees are ahead of the nats in the a.l. east. >>> the maryland terrapins football team this year, a win is a win. his team is now halfway to matching last year's total number of victories. a new beginning for the terps, with a lot of beginners. perry hill is one of them. the true freshman getting pressured in the quarter right here. it goes to brian thompson. perry, one of three picks, he went 16 for 24, 125 yards. this is one of those completions right here. d
in to ground zero. >>> today on the season premiere of the dr. phil show, friends of george zimmerman, the man charged with killing an unarmed trayvon martin speak out for the first time. it will be an exclusive interview. >> do you believe if he hadn't had that gun and shot tray have, that george -- trayvon, that george zimmerman would be dead today? >> absolutely. >> you think trayvon would have killed him? >> if i could have one moment. the injuries that he had to his head could not be sustained for any period of time without either becoming unconscious or dying. he said, i'm blacking out. i feel i'm going to die. he told the police that he said that in a lie detector test all of which they have. they've connected all this together and from george's perspective, he felt, i am going to die. >> dr. phil also talks to trayvon's stepmother. you won't want to miss the season premiere of the dr. phil show. it begins right here at 4:00 on channel 9. it will be folds by 9news now at 5:00. >>> coming up next, howard and his forecast. >>> i've been combing through the day's daily deals to find you so
the sweep. a little sweepology. john lam, the laminal this year. how about ryan zimmerman? he continues his hot hitting in the fourth. zimmerman goes down and gets this one. 150 in his career. now, he also extended his hitting streak to 16 games. >> nats still clinging to a 1-0 lead until now. in desmond, the all-star shortstop, number 23 on the year for him. >> some late-night inning drama. heads up play. kind of fakes the throw to first and then turns around and throws it to third. what a great play by the rookie to start the run down. heads up, man. muccado is on second. and mcclouth is going to stem up when he needs to. that's off the wall and it's the game. the orioles ghet the move 3-2 over the raise. and it is pandemonium in baltimore. these guys are inching closer to the playoffs despite the rash of injuries. >>> all right, talking football now, one professional game for rob bert griffe nrksz, ii. maybe because he was. my shanihan is not a dummy. he knew it made sensz. >> they say we've been running the west coast o fensz for the last 15 years. i'm not sure what it is anymore. so ma
plays. ryan zimmerman starts to end the 7th and move to bottom of the 8th, bryce harper on 1st. zimmerman up, sends a base hit down the line. he turns on the jets. he would round 3rd base and score without a throw, the nas up 2-0. that run proved to be critical. in the 9th a 1-run game. they tie for 2nd. tyler clifford strikes out to end it. that is cliffed for's 30th save. the nats win 2-1, their record 80nd victory of the season. here is clifford on his save. >> surreal. it's a ad good accomplishment, but glad to help the team win ball games, the most fun. >> a huge event, because he didn't close the first 5 weeks. i know he's counting. >> thirty saves. >>> the orioles north of the border and joe saunders making his second start with the birds. he would get help. escobar on the bunt. look at manny. reynolds on the other end with a stretch for the out. one of the best plays of the game. the o's lead 1-0, a man on for nick markakis. robert andino will score on the markakis double. the orioles shut out the jays 4- 0. the yankees lost to the rays 4-3. >>> . >> they hit the field
think we would be risking more. >> so strasbourg is out. but just in time, ryan zimmerman bobblehead day at the ballpark. the kids love it. pick it up bottom 8, nats down 6-3, a.j. ramos, facing zimmerman. it's your day, why not? a two-run shot, his 20th of the year, and that brings the nats within a run. but middle of the night, the rains would come. and as you guys know, it would stay a two and a half hour rain delay. it felt like forever. they do come out and they do come back on. werth shows the few fans still in attendance that it was worth the wait. he drills this one deep to center. the dugout going wild. we go to extras. bottom ten, nats looking to complete the comeback. cory brown sends this one to right. and john carlos denton drops the ball. ian desmond scores the game winning run. after almost six hours, nats get to celebrate 7-6 the final. rubber match tomorrow at 1:30. >>> orioles fans backing their birds as they battle the yankees for the a.l. east lead. j.j. hardy at the plate. hardy, he is fataking it to rig. nick markakis hustling in to score. o's up 3-2. that was as go
in the fourth quarter. ryan zimmerman tagged the runner heading from second base to third before the runner who had been on third could score. the umpire, though, said the runner had touched home before zimmerman's tag. >> in my mind, he was already out. he obviously blew the call. it wasn't reviewable. and they all discussed it and evidently nobody was paying attention. but kemp wasn't running. >> the nationals' first place lead is now five games. i think we all pretty much agree here -- >> looks like he was tagged out to me. >>> time for weather and traffic. chilly start. i actually wore my jacket to work today. rar gorgeous day for baseball. but now it's football weather. or hockey weather. it is down into the 40s. much of region -- there's the live view from our nbc 4 camera. jupiter is up. that's the bright spot on the southern sky. venus rising shortly. right now it's 56 at reagan national. that's the coolest it's been since way last may four months ago, and the dew point is at 49. humidity is in the upper 70s but it's actually pretty dry as we get into the afternoon. look at these temper
in cruise control throughout the night. jordan zimmerman who struggled in this stadium, busch stadium before, he struggled again tonight. could not make it through the 7th inning. he was picked up by his offense. kirk suzuki with the big knock. we caught up with zimmerman. here's some of his comments. >> we're one win away. i've struggled against the cardinals. to have this game definitely feels good. you know, we'll come back tomorrow and try to get the win. >> i really feel bad that we didn't save it for him. he pitched a heck of a ballgame, a really great ballgame. unfortunately, we didn't save it. >> yeah, davy johnson also saying these kind of games are good for this young baseball team as they head into the post- season. playoff type atmosphere. so as you said, k.b. and you described it very well, the magic number down to one. let's hope tomorrow i'll actually be wearing these things. we'll see. back to you in the studio. >> all right, dave. thanks so much. >>> up the road, orioles hosting the red sox. the game was tied in the 7th when rookie manny lachado rips one over the left field
in determining how trayvon martin was killed. they show that the only dna on the gun george zimmerman used to kill martin belonged to zimmerman. the neighborhood watchman claims he shot martin in self- defense. but these test results appear to indicate that martin had not grabbed for zimmerman's weapon. zimmerman is currently on bail on charges of second-degree murder. >>> only on 2, more and more voters say they're undecided when it comes to some key tax measures on the november ballot. what else an exclusive new field poll has to say. >> reporter: the trend is that more likely voters are undecided on two tax initiatives designed to help close the budget deficit and fund education. the governor's plan, proposition 30, largely targets the risk, increasing personal income tax for those who make over a quarter of a million dollars. it would also increase sales tax by a quarter cent. our exclusive ktvu field poll shows 51% of likely voters would vote yes. 36% no. and 13% are undecided. that's up from 8% compared to a couple of months ago. >> there has been no poll that has shown it below 50.
detwiler in control pitching seven scoreless innings aided by two double plays. ryan zimmerman start this twin killing to end the seventh killing and that would preserve the nationals 1-0 lead. to the bottom of the 8th bryce harp other first base and zimmerman with the base hit down the line. harper sprints off first, turns on the jets. this guy will never stop and he doesn't. round third, scores without a throw and the nats are up 2-0. that proves to be the critical run in this game. in the 9th tying run on second for the clubs, that's the 30th save. nats win 2-1, their record 82nd victory. >> that's very surreal. it's a good accomplishment, but i'm just glad to kind of help the team win ballgames. that's the most fun. these fans are amazing. it's just building all year long. as players we're getting pretty excited, so it's been fun. >> the orioles shut out the blue jays today now one game behind the yankees in the al east because the yankees loss to the rays. >> which is still probably one game ahead in the wildcard race, so tight. >> everybody will building on the edge of their se
that that is still a story. >>> last night ryan zimmerman letting his bat doing the talking. cortisone shots for everyone. in the fourth, zimmerman gets into this one. man, just goes down. and jacks it out of the park. so lo shot to center field. 22nd home run of the year, number 150 on his career. extending his hitting streak to 16 games. bottom four now, kelly shoppic goes down swinging. straussberg who? well, not quite. top eight, nats still clinging to a 1-0 lead until this. a solo home run. 2-0. afterwards davy johnson loving zimmerman's hot bat. >> zimmerman, you know, zim's playing good. everybody's swinging the bat pretty good. we left some ducks out on the pond today, though. we could have made this -- couldn't drive anybody in. >>> still got the win. day game, rays and orioles, young os fans skipping school. it's okay the way the orioles are playing. this one was worth the buck. rally caps on. two on. going to left field. is it going to drop? yes, it is. adam jones scores. and this one is over. the second walkoff hit in two games for the birds. the os have won 13 straight. here com
an upper deck shot to the right. bottom of the 6th, nats trailing 8-7 and zimmerman singles to right. jason worth is going to score to tie the game and then watch catcher molina, throws the ball to second. why they did that, bryce harper sneaks around, doesn't stop running the bases and slides in safely. great base running and the nats go ahead 9-8. top of the 9th tied again and world series hero comes through for the cardinals. he singles to left. allen craig scores and the cards win 10-9. >>> today randy kicking off his second season with the terps, hosting william and mary. less than 10 minutes left, maryland trails 6-0. yup, 6-0. and the handoff. he takes it to a big hole. only touchdown. adds the extra point and maryland edges william and mary 7-6. coming up on nissan sports xtra. a one on one with ryan. >> a lot of stuff on deck. >> they have to, you saved this. a little while longer. just ahead, we are staying with sports and introducing you to a quarterback who could make history this fall, that's if she's allowed to lead her team. that's coming up when the news continues in just
401(k) probably does. so how much of apple can be too much of a good thing? shannon zimmerman, "morning star's" associate director of fund analysis says that depends on your risk tolerance. >> it's a different way of thinking about it, certainly in the world of mutual funds, compare your exposure to a company-- apple in this case-- to the exposure that is a relevant benchmark since as the s & p 500 has. >> apple stock comprises 5% of the s & p 500, about % of t nasdaq, d abt 9% the russell 1,000 growth index. still, with apple stock on a tear, some investors might be getting jittery are a correction. zimmerman doesn't think the current price is out of line with the company's earnings and its prospects for the foreseeable future. >> if you look at forward earnings, what the company is trading at relative to what anists expect it to do over the next 12 months, it's moderately priced. >> the newly released iphone 5 appears to be selling out, zimmerman says a technology company like apple always has to be on th lookou f t next big competitor. that could prompt some investors to d
, they can carry the load without their ace. hopefully zimmerman will return to form. in his first three starts 0 and 3 with an era near 8. today against the cardinals he got roughed up again. we start in the 6th. zimmerman with a base hit. that scores jason weather. [ jason wert. that gives the nats a 9-8 lead. david frees delivers the base hit. that scores allen craig with the go ahead run. cards beat the nats 12-9 and zimmerman allows 8 earned runs in just 3 and two-thirds. orioles and yankees, the base is loaded, two outs. hardy bobbles it. can't recover. that allows the go ahead run to score. that was the difference in the game. yankees win 4-3. they're at three games. think about this. if the orioles had won they would be one game out of first place on september 1st. >>> last holiday weekend of the summer, this is important. we've got to get this in. it doesn't look good. yeah. unfortunately our storm and rain chances increase tomorrow through labor day. so definitely you need your umbrellas the next couple of days here. temperatures for your subpoenaed, mid-80s -- sunday, mid-80s.
of forensic tests released today. original george zimmerman's dna was found on that weapon. the findings could hurt zimmerman's self-defense case. he's accused of shooting the florida teenager in february. zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder. he is currently out of jail on bond. >>> police tomorrow will announce the arrest of two men for selling phony iphones in prince george's county. investigators say they were made in the atlanta area. >>> it started as a memorial for fallen soldiers, now a group is trying to get a large cross removed from bladensburg, saying it violates the separation between church and state. tracee wilkins has both sides of this story. >> reporter: for nearly 90 years, the peace cross memorial has stood boldly at the intersection of baltimore avenue and route 450. >> it was erected in the 1920s, and commemorating soldiers fro
but it is interesting and as you said it does involve dna evidence found on the gun carried by george zimmerman, a gun he said that trayvon martin was reaching for before george zimmerman shot him and what he describes as self defense. according to reports released today, investigators on the grip of that gun, on the handle, found dna evidence clearly from george zimmerman and they say that they were absolutely able to rule out any dna from trayvon martin. so clearly he did not touch the handle of that gun. on the holster, there was dna found of three individuals, predominantly george zimmerman. the other two could not be determined on the trigger and the slide of the handgun there was insufficient evidence to determine any sort of dna profile. this is the stuff that either side can use to help their case or they can use the evidence a way that helps them. the prosecution might say that it shows that trayvon martin never touched that gun. the defense, however, would argue that that's not what zimmerman said. he said he was reaching for the gun so as i said at the outset it is interesting information a
george zimmerman charged with murdering the unarmed teenager, trayvon martin. the test shows only zimmerman's dna identified on the handle of his gun. although zimmerman told police that martin reached for the weapon. a neighborhood watchman is claiming self-defense in the killing last february. >> i think that could be pretty significant. >> do you think it could? >> yes. because it is really -- trayvon martin is not going to be there to testify, of course, so the jury has to sort of put this together, from what -- what george zimmerman is going to testify to. and then also the other witnesses. i think forensic evidence is going to play a huge part in this case. i have tried, circumstantial cases before, when i was prosecuting cases. and they're really difficult to prove. >> very difficult. >> i think it is going to come down to some of that. >> is it just me, or more and more cases based on circumstantial evidence are winding up in convictions than in the past? >> i think you are right. i think prosecutors are just getting better at it. that's what i think. >> thank you, sunny.
? the "a-team" answers that question and much, much more. there they are. robert zimmerman to much of the diet, monica crowley, robert has all of the tough assignments to my tell you. we're coming right back. ♪ ♪ lou: now, the "a-team," columnist for the association of major american citizens, author of the book out numbered, the author of what the bleep just happened, radio talk-show host, fox news contributor moderate to but monica crowley. democratic strategist robert zimmerman. good to have you here. let's start with these polls. robert zimmerman leading democratic strategist, fund-raiser among left-wing. this is for your benefit. the president leading by six points nationally in one poll, closer and another perry will go into that because you're here. in the nbc news poll in new hampshire, 5144. in north carolina, 48-46 for romney. in nevada, this is interesting, and nevada obama 49-47. congratulations. the president is doing very well. are you ready to start putting the inauguration? >> not even close. no one is watching, no one is in any way backing down. and of tell you
on the year, jordan zimmerman apply the offense of left field crusher the gnats win 10-4. how long was the a's yankees game? i was eating breakfast when it started over five hours and 43 minutes later and epic, an odd 1, a's get up to an early lead thanks to yoenis cespedis. the a's had in hand, and that no, this is yankee stadium, bottom of the second year and score a run, this goes extras it was tied at 5, to the 11th bases loaded josh reddick drops 1 but they play on. a runner at third one out in the 12th, and a dribbler, derek norris pays for he runs right into a man stays in the game during jonnie gomes petaluma's favorite a two run ride in the 13th, if you like that the next batter would be assessed the this and he goes yard. chris carter goes yard the a's had a 9-5 lead in the 13th. he don't give up a 9-5 lead but these of the yankees. the bun yes ties it up with a two run ride in the 13th they play on to the 14th inning. brendan moss, cannot feel the tough shot, he scores the yankees win 10-9. that looks as it all. at fenway the orioles in the 12th, they always get it done, he's been
of the year. zimmerman it into left field. he's going to try to score from first. here he comes around the bases. harper makes it 2-0. 2-1 the win for their first winning season. it was a great outing. >> the breaking balls. even the ones that were bad were still pretty good. the curve ball got in a double play to get us out of the seventh inning. i was just a great pitch at the time. a strong effort. >> speaking of pitching, for the last 24 hours strasburg has been a big topic of conversation. they made it official that he will pitch friday against the marlins. then september 12th in new york then he will be done for the year. the orioles have pulled within one game of the yankees in the american league east. saunders retired the first 27 batters -- the first 17 batters. the birds flying high to beat the blue jays 4-0. they have now won eight of their last 10. the redskins opened the season for real saturday in -- sunday in new orleans. the roster is now set. the redskins are one of the underdogs. the saints are favored by 9.5 points over the redskins. >> on one of the few guys that w
. the magic number is down to 12. me take you back to new a scoreless game. zimmerman.n look out. that is deep, but did he get it? yes, he did. his 22nd round trip this year. desmond catches a hanging curve. on its way to a fan. desmond with his 23rd home run. two-zero nationals. let's go to camden yards. this game was tied for most of the night. hardy is covering third. the final out and that rays' rally. camden yards was going crazy. a one liner to the wall in right field. camden yards scores -- camden he runs again. the magic continues in baltimore. back to workwent rehearsing fored rams. garcon did not practice today said he will play sunday. the redskins signed justin snow. robert griffin the third has named the offensive player of the week. the rookie quarterback was asked he learned sunday. >> there are certain place that will be gifted to make. just with the talent god has with.d me looking for those plays time, that will never work. everybody is in the red areas, plays like that can like the touch pierre garcon. >> the college football world is buzzing with the announcement that anoth
something else. ryan zimmerman, deep to left center. it is gone. see you later. 6-0. the other blunder came right about here. that has to hurt. embarrassing. he stayed down there for a while. gets up. he said something funny. and -- a little encore. he stayed in the game. and that's when 10-4. -- the nats win 10-4. >> it is one of those things you could smile about. is a childhood dream. it makes it that much better. >> the top of the 12th, here you the shot to right field. the ground rule double and he scores. him to come for home. 9-6 in 12 innings. and the redskins host the bengals tomorrow at 1:00. the debut of robin griffin. banners ande streamers. >> a lot of people are going to be there tomorrow. a little basketball news. wade was in town. did you know tha
was electric. the nats won game one. let me take you downtown. the game was wild. zimmerman has trouble. the umpire says he crossed first plabase a horrible call. a hit to right field. 6-3. still in the eighth inning. 6-4 game. a single which finds the wholehole. what a comeback. 6-6. a fastball up in the zone. see you later. get it out of here, big fellow. the dodgers win 7-6. ironically, that bad call earlier in the game allowed a dodgers braun that should not have counted -- dodgers run that should not have counted. >> evidently no one was paying attention. [indiscernible] he obviously missed it. >> a very frustrated jackson. the redskins went back to work today. they prepare for their first home game of the year. to be honest, the skins have to turn the page and forget what happened. they have to fix what is broken. the defense has given up a hundred yards of offense. they are ranked 28th in the league. >> the lot of it was just kidding. a lot of it was not guys missing tackles. it was at the right place at the right time. it is accountability. you have to spend the extra time. you
. >> all rights. keep an eye on that situation. also at noon, george zimmerman back in the news. his dna is casting some doubt about what happened on the night e shot trade on margin. -- trayvon martin. the results, inconclusive. said the 17-year-ago e fight his gun during th back in february. also new this new, a montgomery county judge has rejected the attempt. this is according to a news proved -- to a news partner. he pleaded guilty to other unsolved crimes. the 10-month anniversary of the killing spree the d.c. region leaving 10 people dead. he was executed in 2009. the future of lethal injection in virginia up for debate today. lawyers have challenged the department of corrections. say the executioner is drugs into convicted --a spirit the department of claims it is not a medical procedure. >> the retrial of eight former army ranger accused of killing his roommate. he is accused of killing him in apartment they shared back in 2006. that conviction was thrown out year. say he is a cold- blooded killer. to prince george's county police are arrested after shooting a suspect last night
. that was a wonderful ryan zimmerman impersonation. >> it really was. [laughter] see was an athlete on the watch. -- on "baywatch." let's talk about the cool weather. >> a touch of summer time tomorrow. outside tonight, here is how our sky looks. the clouds came in but there was also some sunset. i think tomorrow we probably might see one or two lobes and showers. how much warmer it will be tomorrow. we still have weeks to go. november 4. look at our temperatures are now. 68 degrees. that is close to our average high temperature. here is the doppler. what around -- what is around earlier today has all dissipated. any showers if you are heading up to number maryland into pennsylvania, that is where the showers will be. here is another batch out through indiana. all of this is a around a weather front that will continue to move more through our north as we go to the next couple of days. 69 right now. chile areas. -- chilly areas. wonderful clear skies. as we go through tomorrow morning, southerly winds coming in. in the morning hours, but with the morning temperatures. only in the mid-60's not. no
. had better get squared away quickly. the guy you really have to be y for is ryan zimmerman. scored on a wild pitch. is the guy who has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. now this. >> he has had hard times. being able to get it going for him, getting to the playoffs, it is unbelievable for him. >> price harper. week for wh? the redskins opened at home. he probably will not play. the biggest losses will be on the defensive side of the ball the big namesf are missing from the lineup and some no names have to step in. he is a household name. they are not. chris wilson, charged with replacing the pro bowl talent. >> he has always been the guy to say -- we plan to show them there's not be a drop-off. injackson has been years.ton four chris wilson was cut and at a football. been a man ofys faith like i say. you continue to prepare as if an opportunity will present itself. >> wilson made this year's and now he is playing a prominent role. >> the situation is unfortunate. injuries happen. nobody's going to feel sorry for us. still be football played on sunday. wejust go out and do what a
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